Information Technology Assistant

Candidates for this position should have knowledge of and experience with the following areas:
Active Directory; Bomgar; DHCP; DNS; Document Management (docStar); eSchoolPLUS; iPads; Local Area Networking; Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online and SharePoint; Google G Suite; Microsoft Office; Monitoring System Performance (PRTG Traffic Analyzer, Event Viewer, HP Insight Manager); Network Print Server and Equitrac; Network Security; OSI Model; PC Hardware; TCP/IP; SMART Boards, Projectors, and Interactive Flat Panel Displays; Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.2; Telecommunications Systems (POTS, PRI, VoIP, SIP, Shoretel Phone System); WordPress Website (FTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript); Windows 10; Windows Server 2016
Primary Responsibilities:
1. Install and uninstall hardware and software; trobubleshoot and repair computer software and hardware; demonstrate and assist users with software and hardware.
2. Provide staff training on computer use, intranet and internet access, Microsoft Office, printers and other hardware and software.
3. Complete Information Technology help desk in a timely manner.
4. Preview new software with Assistive Technology Coordinator and Information Technology Systems Manager as needed. Contact vendors for specifications when necessary.
5. Maintain inventory of computers, software, and hardware (printers, computers, monitors, mobile phones, smart boards, tablets, scanners, and audiovisual equipment).
6. Clean and dust classroom computer areas with provided cleaning supplies.
7. Submit Building and Grounds work requests for moving equipment as necessary.
8. Activate and deactivate employee Computer, Phone and Voicemail, Equitrac IDs, Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint Licenses, Google G Suite, and eSchoolPlus accounts. Provide training to new employees as necessary.
9. Assist Information Technology team with setting up of computers before the start of the new school year.
10. Assist classrooms with the set up and take down of computers during extended school year.
11. Install or remove Assistive Technology hardware and/or software on computers as requested by the Assistive Technology Coordinator.
12. Assist Information Technology Systems Manager with current information regarding computers that will need to be replaced.
13. Perform various other tasks as necessary to assist the Information Technology Department.
Please contact Jason Wiegel by phone or email if you have any questions.

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